Keira Burgess - Soul InSight


I’m Keira…


…and I believe that connecting to your SOUL & SPIRIT is a necessary part of living a fulfilling life…

…and I’d LOVE to help YOU!


Hi! I’m Keira.

There is a pull in me. A call. My way of living may not make sense to everyone, but I KNOW, it’s my intuition leading me along my own path. My practice is, and has always been - listening & paying attention to the various cues that I’m on my path, about to waver - or already have strayed - off course (and how to get back on course). I KNOW - I TRUST - that every experience in my life has led me up to this very moment. This exact experience of POTENTIAL & OPPORTUNITY.


I am exactly where I’m meant to be…and so are YOU.


…And I’m so looking forward to what’s next for You and I.



Bachelor of Design - University of Alberta, Edmonton, 2007

Masters of Design - Istituto Europeo di Diseno, Madrid, 2009

E-RYT 200 - Yoga Alliance, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher & Yoga Teacher Trainer


I would venture to call myself a Soulful & Spiritual ‘Renaissance Woman.’

I am multi-passionate & multi-talented.

I am a Professional Designer as well as a Yoga Teacher Trainer.

I am Creative & Intuitive. And I am Here to Support You!


Keira is Magical & Mystical. Born to Lead, she is a life-long Student. She is Kind & Compassionate. She explores her inner world and reflects that awareness onto her outer world. Keira has the a very unique & gracious point-of-view.